School violence

(Original article publication date:  June 26th, 2012 (Cruelty-Free))

Normalization of and indoctrination into the culture of violence

Every day at lunchtime, another generation of school children—from small country schools to big city ones—is gradually indoctrinated into a culture of violence.

Not only are school kids served the dead body parts of brutalized cows, pigs, chickens, and others, but these children are taught to be thankful for the products of unmitigated violence.  Truly, no Nazi propagandist could rival the animal-killing industry’s skill.

So long as schools are not vegan, schools will be a primary mechanism through which violence is cultivated and perpetuated in our modern society.



Comment, 2016:  Humane education is the antidote to and the philosophical opposite of the violence-inclusive educational approach that our schools currently embrace.  Eventually, we won’t need to call it “humane education”, though; inethicacy will be regarded as a basic problem of education, just as illiteracy and innumeracy are regarded now.