1944: The origin of two big words

1944 is a very big year in the etymology of ethics-related words. That year, Raphael Lemkin coined “genocide”, and Donald Watson coined “vegan”. Introduction of these two words helped crystallize cultural recognition of the phenomena so labeled, and that recognition in turn has helped to stimulate (at least some) action.

These two words, meanwhile, beg for a label for the phenomenon that underlies both. Let’s fill the gap. Toward that end, here’s “faunacide”. Comments on how to improve the definition shown in this image?

Faunacide - definition
Faunacide – definition

NOTES: Genocide is, historically, but a very small subset of faunacide. Veganism is, at root, a rejection of faunacide.


(Original publication date:  July 27, 2015 (FB))