Video Game Controller | Speech Recognition | Gesture Interface | Magic Wand – U.S. Patent 7,905,769

The present invention provides an integrated game with five subsystems: (i) electronic spell-casting system, (ii) card game system, (iii) user-created card system, (iv) system for replacing the use of dice and/or random number generation; and (v) board game system. Spell-casting system provides a physical input mechanism, e.g., sensor-equipped “magic wand”, and a verbal input mechanism which together trigger a spell. Cards form formations affecting their powers and are marked as “spent” by being placed under another card. Users create their own cards through a Web-accessible site. Random number (generated by computer or dice) usage is replaced by “challenges,” i.e., player-performed tasks. Chess pieces follow standard rules but are deployed one-by-one, as are squares of the chess board.

Abracadabble™ “Magic Wand” Video Game Controller

The spell-casting system provides a physical input mechanism, such as a wand equipped with motion and/or position sensors, and a verbal input mechanism, such as a microphone for use with speech recognition technology (SRT). In order to trigger a spell, a user inputs a physical input pattern and a verbal input pattern; if and only if the user input is recognized by the computer as the predetermined combination of patterns assigned to a spell, the spell is triggered, i.e., successfully cast.

Lexary User-Generated, User-Edited, “Crowdsourced” Reference Library

A “Lexary” is an electronic reference tool which provides access to an entry that is created and maintained by a community of users at large. Specifically, the Lexary is an on-line dictionary, thesaurus, style book, and grammar book, wherein users can submit, edit, rate, and challenge definitions of terms, grammar notes (punctuation, syntax, etc.), and style conventions for English or another language.

Universal Advertisement Markup Language (UAML)

Universal Advertisement Markup Language or “UAML” allows an Internet auction, classified ad, or other material for which indexing might be useful, such as poems or songs, to be embedded in any static web page. The resulting “UAML-enabled” web page can be parsed, UAML-tagged data extracted and imported into the fields of a relational database record, and the resulting record searched so that UAML-enabled auctions, ads, and other listings across the entire World Wide Web can be found, ranked, and analyzed with field-by-field precision.

U.S. Patent Publication 20070154876

Sunscroll Electronic Book Reading Device

Abstract | A study aid apparatus provides an academic outline that is arranged three dimensionally through the use of a number of moving parts. Several modules, each devoted to a separate category, are attached to the face of a base member so that the several different category headings can be seen simultaneously. Parts within a given module are manipulated to reveal subheadings, sub-subheadings, and so on. In this way, the invention provides study materials that mimic the workings of the human mind more accurately than do prior study materials, thereby enhancing a student’s learning experience and increasing the likelihood of effective recall. In particular, the invention keeps information “in perspective,” such that major concepts remain prominent at all times whereas minor details are suppressed until needed.

Wearable Computing | Wearable Technology | Phone | Wrist-Wearable Docking Station

Abstract| Disclosed is a wrist-wearable electronic interface movably mounted on an arm-attachment mechanism. Interface moves from under-sleeve wrist-adjacent position to palm-adjacent position where it can be manipulated by the hand of the arm wearing the device. Alternately adaptable to telephones, audio recorders, remote controls, auto ID equipment, telephone call-blocking, and more. Alternative embodiment provides a wrist-mounted docking station. Another alternative embodiment includes a superior carpal tunnel syndrome therapy device. The system also includes novel battery chargers: (1) window-mounted, solar-powered; (2) mounted in an automobile that also includes an improved odometer, license plate, and cabin air filtration system.

U.S. Patent Publication 20030196542

Guitar - Wearable Gesture Interface

Disclosed is a guitar effects controller comprising a digital compass and means for converting directional degree information to signal effect level values. Alternate embodiments provide different sensors, e.g., GPS receiver or tilt sensor. The invention allows user control of instrument volume or other signal effects by turning, tilting, or otherwise manipulating the guitar. Also disclosed is a user configuration system whereby an effects controller can be configured using RF or infrared technology, RFID tags, the Internet, and other tools. Controller function is enhanced by a multipurpose guitar docking station and case. Also disclosed is a universal music exchange medium to facilitate the rapid configuration of system components.

Universal Electronic Shopping Cart for eCommerce Stores, Website Providers, and Internet Sellers, Merchants, and Vendors

The universal shopping cart enables buyers to purchase from multiple participating merchants and websites but checkout only once.  Below is an excerpt from the patent specification. Universal electronic shopping cart FIG. 39 depicts the UTU in expanded form. As shown, the inventory that the given website provider has associated with the given URL through the … Continue reading Universal Electronic Shopping Cart for eCommerce Stores, Website Providers, and Internet Sellers, Merchants, and Vendors