U.S. Patent Publication 20070067322

Abstract| A Universal Political Platform System (UPPS) enables citizens to create and maintain a political party’s platform. In a preferred embodiment, a citizen submits a “plank” –a principle, policy, or stance on an issue–via a disclosed electronic form. Other citizens then “ratify” or “oppose” the plank. When party members’ ratifications or oppositions of the plank meet predetermined thresholds, the plank becomes “adopted” into the platform. Citizens may donate funds earmarked for promoting a plank. Candidates are evaluated mathematically according to how well they represent party views. User coalitions may also be formed.

Wearable Computing | Wearable Technology | Phone | Wrist-Wearable Docking Station

Abstract| Disclosed is a wrist-wearable electronic interface movably mounted on an arm-attachment mechanism. Interface moves from under-sleeve wrist-adjacent position to palm-adjacent position where it can be manipulated by the hand of the arm wearing the device. Alternately adaptable to telephones, audio recorders, remote controls, auto ID equipment, telephone call-blocking, and more. Alternative embodiment provides a wrist-mounted docking station. Another alternative embodiment includes a superior carpal tunnel syndrome therapy device. The system also includes novel battery chargers: (1) window-mounted, solar-powered; (2) mounted in an automobile that also includes an improved odometer, license plate, and cabin air filtration system.

U.S. Patent Publication 20030196542

Guitar - Wearable Gesture Interface

Disclosed is a guitar effects controller comprising a digital compass and means for converting directional degree information to signal effect level values. Alternate embodiments provide different sensors, e.g., GPS receiver or tilt sensor. The invention allows user control of instrument volume or other signal effects by turning, tilting, or otherwise manipulating the guitar. Also disclosed is a user configuration system whereby an effects controller can be configured using RF or infrared technology, RFID tags, the Internet, and other tools. Controller function is enhanced by a multipurpose guitar docking station and case. Also disclosed is a universal music exchange medium to facilitate the rapid configuration of system components.

Command Sequence Processing / Modification of Intended Document Content

“Command” and “Command Sequence”: a command is an antecedent that does not represent content of the intended document but rather indicates an action to be performed in acquiring or processing such content. A command sequence comprises both instructions that indicate steps to be performed and identity information that identifies the subject matter to be processed, location of information to be acquired, etc. Command sequences are ideally performed automatically through appropriate scripting and programming, but these instructions may be carried out by humans.

Calibration Symbol

Calibration Symbol for Chromocode

From the patent specification: Next, an image is created 106 of a chromocode embodying a sequence of data blots, wherein the sequence of data blots matches the color sequence which has been determined by the above two-step translation of antecedents to identifiers to colors; such a chromocode 150 is depicted in FIG. 1F. This image … Continue reading Calibration Symbol

Very-High-Density (VHD) Embodiment

Chromocode 1

“VHD” signifies “very-high-density,” which term is used to describe an embodiment of the present invention in which limited polychromatism (approximately three to six highly distinguishable colors) is used.

Ultra-High-Density (UHD) Chromocode

Excerpt from the patent specification. Limited Ultra-High-Density Chromocode FIG. 1A is a flowchart depicting the basic process whereby a limited UHD chromocode embodiment of the present invention is created, deployed, and used. First, a color-to-unique-identifier matrix is created 101, such as the color-to-identifier matrix 121 depicted in FIG. 1B. Next, an antecedent-to-identifier matrix (a vocabulary) … Continue reading Ultra-High-Density (UHD) Chromocode

Communications Technology

Automatic ID / Data Capture Chromocode™ Very-High-Density (VHD) Barcode Chromocode Ulra-High-Density (UHD) Barcode Chromocode Calibration Symbol Chromotif™ User-Generated Vocabularies, Symbologies Intracode Command Sequences Modifying / Processing Intended Content more… Orang-Otang™: The Wearable Computing Company™ SunScroll™ Electronic Book Reading Device Flip-O™ Wearable Phone Jango™ Wearable Musical Keyboard, Bass Guitar Fret Board, MIDI input device Jango Speech … Continue reading Communications Technology