Calibration Symbol

Calibration Symbol for Chromocode

From the patent specification: Next, an image is created 106 of a chromocode embodying a sequence of data blots, wherein the sequence of data blots matches the color sequence which has been determined by the above two-step translation of antecedents to identifiers to colors; such a chromocode 150 is depicted in FIG. 1F. This image … Continue reading Calibration Symbol

Ultra-High-Density (UHD) Chromocode

Excerpt from the patent specification. Limited Ultra-High-Density Chromocode FIG. 1A is a flowchart depicting the basic process whereby a limited UHD chromocode embodiment of the present invention is created, deployed, and used. First, a color-to-unique-identifier matrix is created 101, such as the color-to-identifier matrix 121 depicted in FIG. 1B. Next, an antecedent-to-identifier matrix (a vocabulary) … Continue reading Ultra-High-Density (UHD) Chromocode

User Community News Feed | Social Media | Real-Time Content | Social News Ticker| U.S. Patent 8,719,176

A “URLIT” identifier is assigned to a URL and embedded in an HTML document located at the URL. Transactions are conducted through a Universal Toolbar Utility. A search method allows user-definition of search algorithms and includes a ranking method that assigns relevancy scores to documents by polling users. A user-generated news service allows users to syndicate news. A user-generated resource allows users to create, approve and disapprove of submissions.

U.S. Patent 8,620,828

A social networking system, method and device provides a social network environment in which one user subscribes to a newsfeed or ticker related to another user. Per a disclosed embodiment, users share URLs and post user-generated content, and other users view, comment on, or indicate that they like or dislike such posts; user approval or disapproval of such posts is made visible through, inter alia, a disclosed quantity indicator of popularity. Disclosed embodiments further provide a disclosed mechanism for recommending one user to another, for resolving disputes between users, and for displaying a wish list or an inventory on behalf of a user. Disclosed embodiments further provide for verifying a user and for checking a URL. Disclosed embodiments further provide revenue generation through collecting data pertaining to users, serving advertisements to users, and facilitating transactions between users.

U.S. Patent 8,583,448

The ownership or control of a website is verified. In one implementation this includes providing a verification identifier and determining whether the verification identifier appears in a first resource or a first location. Enhanced search engine services are provided after verifying ownership or control of the website. Examples of enhanced services includes providing analytics associated with the website; providing an electronic shopping cart or checkout mechanism associated with the website; providing a financial status indicator associated with the website; providing a custom search engine associated with the website; and providing a custom toolbar associated with the website.

U.S. Patent 8,554,571

A charitable organization or cause is verified. Once verified, the cause is selected so that a portion of the proceeds from certain transactions are shared with the cause. Integration of fundraising with a web browser toolbar that features real-time dollar counters, communication opportunities, news feeds/tickers, and user-ranking of an item’s popularity further enhances the fundraising’s appeal, especially in the context of a social network environment.

U.S. Patent 7,809,709

Title:  Search engine system, method and device United States Patent:  7,809,709 Issued Date:  October 5, 2010 Claims The invention claimed is: 1. A method for allowing a user to customize a search engine and to make said search engine available to others, said method comprising the following steps: hosting a first submission form on a … Continue reading U.S. Patent 7,809,709

U.S. Patent 7,599,938

A “URLIT” identifier is assigned to a URL and embedded in an HTML document located at the URL. The URLIT and other data are described using a Universal Advertisement Markup Language such that high-precision searching of the World Wide Web is possible. URLIT-enabled transactions are conducted through a Universal Toolbar Utility. A search method allows user-definition of search algorithms and includes a ranking method that assigns relevancy scores to documents by polling users. Transaction reliability is enhanced by user participation in a Universal Terms of Use system and a Universal Arbitration system.

U.S. Patent 8,670,168

Disclosed is a polychromatic barcode or portable data file symbology, image, system, method, and apparatus enabling virtually unlimited information density. In a preferred embodiment, ASCII characters are assigned to unique identifiers, which identifiers are in turn assigned to unique colors. Color blots are sequentially arranged in a symbol so as to match the sequence of corresponding identifiers to be encoded, and then the symbol is applied to a surface. To decode, the symbol is scanned, colors translated into identifiers, and identifiers translated into content. Also disclosed are blots dedicated to calibration. Information density is further enhanced through an external reference function achieved through commands included in the barcode itself, by which function infinitely high information density is achieved.

U.S. Patent: 8,218,207

Title:  Polychromatic encoding system, method and device U.S. Patent:  8,218,207 Issued:  July 10, 2012 Claims What is claimed is: 1. An apparatus for conveying information, said apparatus being configured to perform the following steps: scanning a first barcode; comparing a first value against a second value, said first value comprising a color characteristic derived at … Continue reading U.S. Patent: 8,218,207