New Search Engine Uses Distributed Computing System—And the Computers Are Human

Jatalla | 100% User-Generated Search Engine Results Featuring the Most Powerful Search Engine on Earth: Your Brain

In a coup for the “Web 2 .0” movement, a new search engine announced today provides search results that are 100% user-generated. The site, called, is expected for beta release in July. (Original article publication date: June 19, 2006 (Inventeprise)) Through, any registered user can submit a vote called a “lexivote”, which consists … Continue reading New Search Engine Uses Distributed Computing System—And the Computers Are Human

World Wide Web Search with Field-by-Field Precision through UAML

What is needed, therefore, is a new Internet classified ad system and method that allows all classified ads of a given type on the entire World Wide Web to be searchable through a single search engine with field-by-field precision, that allows anyone with a web page to participate in this worldwide classified ad system without requiring any special advertising or database software on the part of the participant, and for all the data in such classified ads to be accessible to anyone with Web access for the purposes of information gathering and analysis.

U.S. Patent 8,583,448

The ownership or control of a website is verified. In one implementation this includes providing a verification identifier and determining whether the verification identifier appears in a first resource or a first location. Enhanced search engine services are provided after verifying ownership or control of the website. Examples of enhanced services includes providing analytics associated with the website; providing an electronic shopping cart or checkout mechanism associated with the website; providing a financial status indicator associated with the website; providing a custom search engine associated with the website; and providing a custom toolbar associated with the website.

Universal Electronic Transaction (UET) System

The Universal Electronic Transaction (UET) system, method, and device includes features such as: social media news feed / ticker universal electronic shopping cart user-generated search engine rankings build-your-own-search-engine system back to Science | Technology main page

Lexary User-Generated, User-Edited, “Crowdsourced” Reference Library

A “Lexary” is an electronic reference tool which provides access to an entry that is created and maintained by a community of users at large. Specifically, the Lexary is an on-line dictionary, thesaurus, style book, and grammar book, wherein users can submit, edit, rate, and challenge definitions of terms, grammar notes (punctuation, syntax, etc.), and style conventions for English or another language.

Universal Advertisement Markup Language (UAML)

Universal Advertisement Markup Language or “UAML” allows an Internet auction, classified ad, or other material for which indexing might be useful, such as poems or songs, to be embedded in any static web page. The resulting “UAML-enabled” web page can be parsed, UAML-tagged data extracted and imported into the fields of a relational database record, and the resulting record searched so that UAML-enabled auctions, ads, and other listings across the entire World Wide Web can be found, ranked, and analyzed with field-by-field precision.