Orang-Otang™ Jango™ Wearable Video Game Controller

Excerpt from the original patent specification:

FIG. 34A depicts a Joystick Simplified Handpiece (340) mounted on a Support Bar (341a), which is in turn suspended from an arm-mounting means (in this case, simple straps). This Handpiece (343) bears several keys for access primarily by the user’s thumb. It is also well-suited for use as an arm-mounted computer gaming joystick or as a Musical Key Palette addition. Note that the Support Bar has a bend (341b) to allow for an advantageous angle at which the Handpiece rests with respect to the hand. A housing can be added to the pictured Armpiece to carry extra buttons/keys.

Orang-Otang Jango | Wearable Video Game Controller
Orang-Otang Jango | Wearable Video Game Controller

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