Flip-O | The Wrist-Wearable, Under-Sleeve, Pop-Out Phone

Here’s an excerpt from the original patent specification describing the under-sleeve, pop-out phone that eventually became the Orang-Otang™ Flip-O™.

Dedicated Wireless Telephone. The Simplified Handpiece in this model bears the traditional telephone buttons (0-9, # and *). It can be retracted into a slot on the Armpiece and is set on a spring so that it can pop out of this slot easily upon demand. The Armpiece is thin enough to fit under a person’s shirt sleeve and bears nothing but a speaker and microphone for usage as a speakerphone. A significant alternative includes a Handpiece which, unlike a Simplified Handpiece, is jointed in its midsection rather than its end and which includes an earpiece at one end and a mouthpiece at the other.

Flip-O Wrist-Wearable Phone
Flip-O Wrist-Wearable Phone
Flip-O Wrist-Wearable Phone
Wrist-Wearable Phone
Wrist-wearable phone – design