Constitutional Amendments

Proposed Amendments to the U.S. Constitution

  • Abolition Amendment
  • Democracy Amendment
  • Equal Rights Amendment II (“ERA2”)

The Abolition Amendment, Democracy Amendment, and Equal Rights Amendment II are all “charter initiatives” of the Humane Party:  these three amendments were goals of the Humane Party from its very first day.

The case for the Democracy Amendment is straightforward.  The U.S. needs to elect its President democratically for the same reasons why we elect other officials without the use of an intermediary like the Electoral College.  This choice is the obvious next step in the empowerment of U.S. democracy.

Democracy Amendment | Progression
Democracy Amendment | Progression

The Equal Rights Amendment II (ERA2) includes the language of the original Equal Rights Amendment, which narrowly missed ratification in the 20th century.  ERA2 also extends the guarantee of equality to cover areas of sexuality, gender, and marriage that were absent from the original ERA.  This amendment is long overdue, and no U.S. Supreme Court decision can take the place of a properly ratified Constitutional amendment.  Proponents of equality under the law should not settle for anything less.

Equal Rights Amendment 2 ("ERA2") | Anatomy
Equal Rights Amendment 2 (“ERA2”) | Anatomy

The Abolition Amendment addresses the single most pressing moral, ethical, legal, political, economic, and environmental issue of our time:  humans’ killing and exploitation of other animals.  Like the 13th Amendment, the Abolition Amendment is one for which many people are willing to devote their lives.  At the societal level, abolition represents the next step in the inexorable march of freedom.  At the individual level, abolition simply means doing what’s right.

Abolition Amendment | Three Milestones
Abolition Amendment | Three Milestones