UFC Barcoded Contract System

An excerpt from the patent specification.

UTOU Subsystem UFC Subsystem

The basic approach of the UTOU subsystem can be extended into a Universal Form Contract (UFC) subsystem.

The UFC subsystem allows two or more users to establish a written contract between each other that “subscribes” to a particular Universal Form Contract by properly referencing the UFC in the written contract; the terms of the UFC referenced in the written contract are stored in multiple locations for easy retrieval.

In so doing, the UFC subsystem enables significant savings in terms of time and expense for users while also causing numerous beneficial side effects, such as reducing the use of paper by potentially millions of pages annually and laying a foundation for uniformity in contract law.

A method of creating, deploying and using an embodiment of the UFC subsystem appears in flowchart form in FIG. 121. A drafting team is formed 12101 to create a preliminary draft for each type of Universal Form Contract 12102. Types of UFCs may include: a UFC apartment rental agreement; a UFC personal property purchase agreement; a UFC nondisclosure agreement; a UFC will; and other such legal instruments. The UET Company then publishes the draft of each UFC 12103 for public comment. Once the public comment period ends, the drafting team modifies each UFC so as to accommodate useful public comments 12104. When the draft is finally approved by the team 12105, each UFC is individually registered in the copyright office 12107 and the copyright registration number is added to the official draft so that parties can verify the official terms through an independent source 12108.

If a draft is not approved 12105, the team works to improve the preliminary draft 12106.

Each UFC is published individually on the website of the UET Company site so that only one UFC appears per URL 12109. Each UFC is then encoded in high-density-bar-code form 12110, which bar-code is then printed along with human readable text on an official “UFC-enabled” paper page 12111 such as the example page 12201 depicted in FIG. 122.

Users wishing to record an agreement in written form acquire a UFC-enabled page that references the appropriate UFC type, fill out the ILO provisions by hand or machine print, and then execute the agreement with signatures 12112.

In this way, most written contracts can be reduced from several pages to one page 12113 while still containing the same amount of contractual provisions.

If a user wishes to create a back up copy of the executed UFC-enabled contract document 12114, he or she can fax or e-mail an electronic copy of the UFC-enabled contract document to the UET Company for storage as a digital file related to the user’s UET Company account 12115. Whenever a user or third party needs to look up the UFC terms incorporated into the written document, three different ways are readily available: visit the URL identified in the written document, scan and decode the bar-code on the document, or retrieve the copy of the document deposited at the copyright office 12116. These and other benefits are described in the chart depicted in FIG. 123. Most importantly, the UFC subsystem offers a significant opportunity to reduce the waste of paper and other resources used in making paper.

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