User-Generated Chromotifs, Vocabularies, Symbologies

From the patent specification:

Comprehensive Internet Integration

Users can host vocabularies, target reference documents, chromotifs, and any other reference materials on their own websites if they wish. However, the present invention also gives rise to a commercial opportunity for a company to serve as a central location for all such hosting purposes.

FIG. 12 depicts the primary relationships between a series of relational databases which may be used by such a company. One useful feature is that of providing a password storage database related to other relevant databases so as to allow password-protection of target reference documents and other reference materials. In this way, a decoding party must first log-in to a password-protected site to gain access to a URL that is the URL of a reference. Thus, an authorized recipient can properly decode such a referential chromocode, but an unauthorized party is unable to retrieve the references that give meaning to the chromocode.

Notably, although not graphically depicted, the company may also wish to charge users a fee to host documents or to access URLs for reference materials.

FIG. 13 depicts the general system components of the present invention. Internet integration can be done through a company, the computers 1301 of which comprise the depicted hardware and software components. Alternately, or additionally, an encoding user 1302 can host external references on its own computers or can take advantage of target reference documents 1303, chromotif specifications 1304, and vocabularies 1305 hosted by others. A decoding user 1306 accesses the Internet for any nonlocal external values and supplies local external values through its own data-processing equipment.

FIG. 14 depicts an excerpt from an example Web submission form whereby a user submits information for storage in a database according to the present invention, such as a database comprising records of chromotifs.

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