Sure-T Performance (Surety) Bonds, eCommerce Marketplace, and Electronic Payments for Internet Auctions

Sure-T | Suretyship Performance Bonds for Internet Auctions and eCommerce
Sure-T | Surety Bonds for Internet Auctions and eCommerce

Sure-T was founded in 2000 to eliminate the financial risk associated with buying and paying over the internet.  The company raised a first round of funding and developed a basic software embodiment of the Sure-T surety bonding and electronic payment system for use with user-to-user internet auctions and other ecommerce transactions.

Shortly before the initial version of the Sure-T system was ready for launch, the attacks of September 11, 2001, happened.  The company’s business partners in the financial services industry changed dramatically overnight, and the company was unable to proceed.

The Sure-T patent portfolio is now owned by Acacia and has been licensed to eBay, PayPal, BuySafe, and others.  These patents include:

Other intellectual property in the Sure-T portfolio included the service name, Sure-T™, and the service motto, There’s One Way To Be Sure™.  This entry on the Sure-T company and bonded marketplace will be expanded when time permits.

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