User-Verifiable Seal for Confirming Seal Authenticity and Verifying Effective Status of a Bond

The user-verifiable seal allows potential buyers to confirm in advance of purchase that a given bond seal is authentic and that a given seller is in fact currently bonded.  Below is an excerpt from the patent specification.

Buyer-Verifiable Seal

In verifying that a given seller is bonded or a sale guaranteed, the buyer first views the Seal (410 or 420) being displayed by the seller 1101 and then clicks through 1102 to the verification page (FIG. 10) by clicking on the link included in the text (412 or 422) portion of the Seal (410 or 420). Viewing the verification/activation page (FIG. 10), the potential buyer evaluates whether this seller is who she claims to be or that the auction guarantee matches the auction which the potential buyer would like to bid upon and for which coverage is to be activated 1103. If there is not a match, the potential buyer may file a report of potential misappropriation of the Seal 1104. If the there is a match, the potential buyer submits 1105 the information requested in the Verification/Activation Page (see FIG. 10), which causes a new record 1106 to be created in the Bond Activations 1302 or Guaranty Activations 1312 Database. The buyer then receives an email confirming activation of coverage under the given bond or guaranty and containing a confirmation code that must be supplied in order to file a claim 1106. Alternately, an encrypted attachment (not depicted graphically) can accompany the confirmation email for security purposes.

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