Card Formation Effects | Playing Card Game Mechanic

Power Enhancements / Effects through Card Formation

Playing cards are arranged in certain formations so as to effect the power of the cards in the game as described in this excerpt from the patent:

Formation Effects

Standing cards can be arranged in formations so as to create certain offensive or defensive bonuses; however, these bonuses only apply when at least one force card is based in each of the standing cards in the formation. There are four formations: Front-back formation–back force card gains an extra attack each turn, if and only if it has a range weapon attack, which term also includes a breath weapon (FIG. 37A) Twins formation–each force card member of twin formation gains a bonus of +1/+1 (FIG. 36) Flanking formation–focus force card gains bonus of +3/0 (FIG. 34) Defensive formation–focus force card gains a bonus of 0/+3 (FIG. 35)

Bonuses from formations are cumulative as shown in FIG. 37B. For instance, a card could be in twin formation with respect to one card and defensive formation with respect to two others, and thus receive a total bonus of +1/+4.

A force card is said to be in “isolation” when it is based in a standing card that plays no role in any formation.

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