Neutral Astronomy Initiative

The Neutral Astronomy Initiative seeks to replace all legacy names of solar system planets in favor of a math-based nomenclature that is free from ethnic, national, religious, racial, sex, personality-cult, species, and other biases.  The proposed nomenclature is part of a group of projects collectively called CREST (“Convention for Reason and Ethics in Science and Technology”).

Neutral Astronomy | Overview
Neutral Astronomy | Overview


Some comments:  This iteration will have to be a “wrap” for now. Note that the penultimate letter represents an encoding opportunity that can be further tapped when advantageous. Shown here are two examples of such use:  “r” for monolothic bodies and “z” for rings, such those of Faba.

This ethnically neutral, math-and-phonetics-based nomenclature encompasses planets, moons, and rings in a system that should be a good deal easier to learn and manipulate than the random, arbitrary nomenclature used in the legacy approach.  Religon/superstion-based names that bear no relationship to the underlying subject matter do not belong in science.

By coincidence, the vowel “u” doesn’t appear in the eight neutral planet names (the helping vowel for the fifth planet name is unnecessary, because it already starts with a vowel). We can take advantage of that accident by using “u” as the universal moon (or ring) designator. Add a number to the end to get the moon’s full name.

Meanwhile, the fractional approach used in the Dewey decimal system can be reapplied to accommodate future discoveries of moons/satellites that fall in between moons that have already been named (not shown here); otherwise, an order-based naming system would constantly have to be revised.Neutral Astronomy | Our Planets

Neutral Astronomy | Our Planets