Neutral Calendar Initiative

The Neutral Calendar Initiative seeks to replace all legacy names of months of the year and days of the week in favor of a math-based nomenclature that is free from all ethnic, national, religious, racial, sex, personality-cult, species, and other biases.  The proposed nomenclature is part of a group of projects collectively called CREST (“Convention for Reason and Ethics in Science and Technology”).

Neutral Calendar | Overview
Neutral Calendar | Overview


Some comments:  Do we really need to celebrate Julius Caesar (July) anymore? What about the ancient god Janus (January)? Do we still need to call the tenth month “eighth” (October) or the twelfth month “tenth” (December)?

Using the math-and-phonetics approach used in other CREST neutral science initiatives, we can neutralize and modernize the calendar, dispensing altogether with ethnocentric superstition, emperor worship, and bizarre misnomers. Perhaps most importantly from a functional perspective, the resulting months are in alphabetical order, thereby making learning, scheduling, and automated sorting easier.

As with the other neutral science initiatives, the only remaining piece of ethnocentrism built into these names is the use of a Western alphabet. It’s hard to see a compelling argument for inventing an entirely new alphabet in order to offset that one vestige.