Helionomy, the Science of Sun

Integrating fields

Helionomy is the study of our most powerful energy source and of how to manage that energy source—or, rather, how to manage our response to that energy source.  We cannot meaningfully manage or even affect the sun; we can but respond to it.  That response can be effective and wise or wasteful and foolish.

Producing a wise and effective response is complicated by the fact that nature does not arrange itself to fit neatly into university departments or academic curricula, but humans do arrange their studies in this way.  The result is that most scientists study tiny parts of the painting—individual brushstrokes—while very few attempt to assemble a meaningfully coherent picture of the whole.  Helionomy aims to assemble such a picture with respect to the sun—and, again, our response to it—and is, therefore, “multidisciplinary” from the point of view of modern academia.

Helionomy | Overview
Helionomy | Overview

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