BYOSE Build-Your-Own-Search-Engine

Excerpt from the patent specification:

USE Subsystem The “Build-Your-Own Search Engine” Feature

FIG. 91 introduces an extension of the USE concept: the “Build Your Own Search Engine” system. FIG. 91 depicts an excerpt from a sample web page that includes a Web submission form through which a user can select features to be included in a search engine interface that the user can then embed in his or her own website. The search itself is still conducted through the UET Company computers, but the user can pick and choose what features will be included in the particular search engine interface.

Specifically, the user follows the process in FIG. 92: First, the user chooses which UET Company database are to be searched 9201. Next the user selects the number of simple search components that are to be offered 9202. The user then selects which search methodologies are to be available for use with each simple search component 9203. The user then chooses how many, if any, compound components are to be offered 9205. The user then chooses which subcomponents are to be included in each compound component 9206. The user then specifies whether intercomponent weighting 9207 is to be offered (if not, then each search component is equally weighted), and, if compound components are used, whether intracomponent weighting 9208 is to be offered. If compound components are being used, the user indicates whether ideal setting is to be offered 9209 and whether tolerance setting is to be offered 9210. The user then specifies whether results are to include search component performance gauges 9211. Once the form has been submitted, the HTML to be included in the web page where the user is to host his or her submission form is e-mailed or otherwise provided to the user 9212. Queries submitted through the user’s submission form are then processed by the UET Company as normal 9213.


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