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Excerpt from the patent specification

FIG. 53 depicts a process by which another optional feature is used. The “iTicker” is a UTU function to which UTU users can subscribe so as to be presented with scrolling headlines that are provided by a chosen source. These headlines can be provided by any approved iTicker provider, and are especially well-suited for distribution of information to members of long-standing group affiliations, such as school alumni, club members, church members, and enthusiasts (sports team fans, etc.).

An iTicker provider logs into his or her account at the UET Company 5301 and applies for iTicker provider status 5302. This application may require demonstration of affiliation with the particular group to which the proposed iTicker headlines and content will be directed, i.e., if an iTicker provider wishes to provide headlines for alumni of a particular school, the UET Company may require the iTicker provider to demonstrate its official capacity to represent that school. If the iTicker provider is approved for iTicker provider status 5303, a new record is created in the iTicker provider’s database 5304 and the iTicker provider inputs headlines and URLs to be associated with these headlines into the iTicker provider record 5305, which can be maintained and updated as often as the iTicker provider wishes so as to keep the content fresh. Although not necessary, the UET Company may wish to require that the URL associated with a given headline be the address of a web page that is properly UAML-enabled so as to be a valid “news” UAML listing 5306. If a user wishes to add/edit/delete headlines 5308, he or she does so 5305. If linked documents are not valid 5306, the user is notified 5311, and may correct 5312 the document.

After the iTicker subscription has been made available 5307, the UTU user can subscribe to the given iTicker provider’s iTicker 5309 such that when the UTU is in use, the iTicker headlines provided by the iTicker provider are displayed in the UTU in scrolling form and can be clicked if the UTU user wishes to view the article associated therewith 5310. FIG. 54 depicts a UTU embodiment with iTicker function 5401.

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