Universal Advertisement Markup Language (UAML)

Excerpt from the patent specification

FIG. 4 depicts the steps necessary for creation and deployment of the UAML subsystem. As will be clear to anyone of ordinary skill in the art, the depicted steps can be performed in an order that differs from that depicted. URLIT software for processing URL submissions and assigning URLITs is developed 401 so as to execute steps depicted in FIG. 7A and exemplified in FIG. 7B. UAML vocabularies and standards for well-formed UAML and valid UAML documents of different types (“UAML listing document type definitions” or “LTDs”) are established 402; example vocabularies appear in FIGS. 55 through 57H. A complex of relational databases needed to manage information used in the UET system is created 403; major databases and relationships are depicted in FIG. 16. Next, a validating UAML parser and related software for mapping data extracted from UAML-enabled documents to appropriate fields in records in the UET Company’s relational databases as exemplified in FIG. 15 are created 404.

Although it is not necessary for the UTU to be included in the UAML subsystem, the benefits of this feature are significant and desirable. If the UET Company chooses to include the UTU 407, then software for performing functions such as those depicted in FIGS. 37 through 54 is developed 406. An electronic payment and bonding system such as that disclosed in U.S. patent application Ser. No. 09/848,639 by Harrison (hereinafter, “Harrison bonded payment system”) is developed or integrated with the remainder of the UET system 405.

Next, internal and external interfaces for UET Company staff and the general public of users respectively are created 408, including integration with, inter alia, the Userithm Search Engine and the EQML techniques discussed below Thereafter, the UAML subsystem is made available to the public, and standards for the use of UAML and participation in the UET system in general are disseminated 409. Finally, the UAML subsystem is continually improved through experience and suggestion 410.

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