TWELV Clocks, Watches, and Horology

TWELV brings art, fashion, and technology together in a series of horological systems and devices in which the function served by a traditional clock hand or numerical digit is served through the use of color, shape, and other indicators.  Below are images from a TWELV moonphase clock (requires Flash) built by artist Christopher Chalsma, in which the background color indicates the current hour of the day and the shape of the moon indicates the current minute of the hour.

TWELV | a new way to tell time
TWELV clock indicating both the hour (background color) and the minute (moon shape)

TWELV | Hover
Touch or hover over the TWELV clock to have the time displayed in traditional, digital fashion

More TWELV clocks are available at the TWELV website:  Other embodiments of TWELV horological systems are shown in the following patents:

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To illustrate in more detail the function of the moonphase as a minute indicator, here are two images showing how the moon in the Chalsma clock appears at six minutes before the hour and six minutes after the hour.

TWELV | a new way to tell time
TWELV | a new way to tell time