Abracadabble Wizard-Combat Vest

Spell-Casting and Target Selection

The Abracadabble™ series of video game controllers and electronic game devices includes methods for casting a “spell” using a controller.  Here’s an excerpt from the patent specification describing an embodiment of the Wizard-Combat Vest:

“An alternative function provides for the use of a laser-tag device instead of a wand. FIG. 8A depicts a laser tag vest 801 for use with a laser tag gun 802. The vest 801 includes target points in the abdomen 803, shoulders (‘epaulets’) 804, etc. Physical input patterns using this type of physical input device are input by ‘shooting’ target points in the target vest 804 in a particular order or combination. For instance, abdomen-epaulet-abdomen can serve as a first pattern; abdomen-abdomen-epaulet can serve as a second pattern. FIG. 8A depicts the physical input apparatus 802 shooting the vest 801 in the abdomen target 803. FIG. 8B depicts the physical input apparatus 802 shooting the vest 801 in the epaulet 804. Thus the action depicted in FIG. 8A and the action depicted in FIG. 8B together form a physical input pattern, namely, abdomen-epaulet.

“When using the laser apparatus instead of the wand apparatus, not only is the spell identified by the physical input pattern but also the target of the spell is so identified: whoever is wearing the vest that a player shoots in order to perform a physical input pattern is the target of a spell so triggered. This dual usage for the information has obvious advantages when the present invention is used in a multiplayer setting. However, certain spells do not involve a target, have a default target (e.g., all evil characters), or the target is inherently the spell caster; in such cases, the sensor-based wand may seem more appropriate and intuitive to users.”

 ~ Integrated game system, method, and device (U.S. Pat. 9,126,118)

Note:  this patent family is now owned by Microsoft (the Abracadabble trademark is not).