Orang-Otang: The Wearable Computing Company

The endeavor that eventually became Orang-Otang™ Computers began in 1990 with conception of the SunScroll™.  This product led to development of a complete line of wearable computers, wearable phones, wearable music/audio/video electronics, and other devices.   Orang-Otang also briefly published Wearable ComputingMagazine and the Wearable Technology™ portal as means for facilitating the growth of the nascent wearables field.

Orang-Otang Peel-It (1998)

Orang-Otang was too far “ahead of the market” and ceased operations by 2001.  But the subsequent success of the convergence phone—what is now called a “smartphone”— (e.g., iPhone, Android), the pad/tablet computer (e.g., iPad), the downloadable music store and wearable player (e.g., iTunes Store, iPod), and the electronic book reader (e.g., Amazon’s Kindle) has emphatically vindicated the Orang-Otang vision.

Orang-Otang Durango (1999), photo courtesy of Infocharms

Patents that resulted from the Orang-Otang endeavor include:

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