U.S. Patent 8,554,571 for “Fundraising system, method and device for charitable causes in a social network environment”

A patent in the field of computer and electronic communication technology, internet and world wide web, social media , fundraising, and non-profit causes has issued as U.S. Patent 8,554,571 as “Fundraising system, method and device for charitable causes in a social network environment”.

Grammar: It’s Not Just for 8th Grade

Good Writing Is Good

Law school research and writing courses rarely focus on the mechanics of writing.  Instead, these courses generally devote time to discussion of law-specific material, such as legal citations and legal research tools.

Unfortunately, this approach leaves some important—very important—matters to chance.

The basics of good writing, which are (hopefully!) covered before and during one’s high school years, do not simply go away on graduation day.  These basics remain fundamental to effective written communication, and, therefore, remain fundamental to law school and bar exam essays.

If It’s Not Covered, Do It Yourself

For students who do not get a basic review of good writing in their legal research and writing classes—and that means most law students—, self-help is mandatory.  Self-help approaches include:

  • undertake a serious review of basic English mechanics and style on one’s own
  • hire a writing tutor
  • take a class on good writing, either through the university associated with one’s law school or through a third-party provider

But skipping the basics is not the right choice—even if law schools often choose that approach.

Original publication date:  August 15, 2011 (LEX))