Vegan Songbook & Hymnal, Hymn #2: “Minds and Hearts Unite Today”

Minds and Hearts Unite Today | from the Vegan Songbook & Hymnal

If you know the tune, you can sing this one right now.  🙂

Minds and Hearts Unite Today

(tune of “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”)

1.  Minds and hearts unite today!  (Allelujah…)
Darkness yields to light today!
Knowing peace, to peace we rise!
Peace upon the seas, the lands, the skies!

2.  No more chains, no more foul cages!
No more psuedo-science sages!
Reason and compassion reign!
Gone is the speciesist’s blood stain!

3.  Build we now a world of justice!
Free from those whose hate oppressed us!
Cows and pigs, like you and me!
Chickens and turkeys—all set free!

4.  Wish “ahimsa” to thy neighbor!
Pierce the lies with freedom’s sabre!
Truth, our shield, will all defend!
Each and every animal—our friend!

“Minds and Hearts Unite Today’
~ The Vegan Songbook and Hymnal
© 2016.  Kaleidosound Publishing.

Minds and Hearts Unite Today | from the Vegan Songbook & Hymnal
Minds and Hearts Unite Today | from the Vegan Songbook & Hymnal

The Vegan Songbook & Hymnal: Doxology (Old 100th)

Vegan Doxology | from the Vegan Songbook & Hymnal

The Vegan Songbook & Hymnal

Many ethical vegans feel excluded from the broader society in which they live because they are unwilling to embrace religious violence and bigotry.  But what if vegans could sing right along with their religious friends, doing so to the ancient, familiar tunes that are known throughout our culture?

Here’s a vegan “Doxology” (old 100th), the first of what will hopefully become a full “Vegan Songbook and Hymnal”, in which classic hymns and ancient tunes are supplied with new, non-violent, mythology-free lyrics. If you know the tune of the Old 100th (“Praise God, from whom all blessings flow….”), you can sing this song right now!


(tune of the Old 100th)

1. Thank we our fellow creatures—all!—
All those with whom we share the Earth,
Come forth from humble birth,
Drawn to pursue our common call!

2. No barriers of creed divide
Our loving hearts from reas’ning minds.
Each one is of one kind.
Each creature to each other tied.

3. Behold our feathered friends in flight,
Scions of all that spans above,
Lifting our hearts to love,
Ascending into the sunlight!

4. Now deep inside the oceans cool,
Birthplace from which all species rise,
Wrapped in that paradise,
Fish, reptiles, mammals form one school!

5. Some, like us, on dry ground do dwell.
Some crawl, some slither, strut, or climb—
Yet every one sublime.
Beauty and grace their faces tell!


~ The Vegan Songbook and Hymnal
© 2016. Kaleidosound Publishing

(Original publication date:  4/12/16 (FB))