Secure Barcode

Excerpt from the patent specification: FIG. 12 depicts the primary relationships between a series of relational databases which may be used by such a company. One useful feature is that of providing a password storage database related to other relevant databases so as to allow password-protection of target reference documents and other reference materials. In … Continue reading Secure Barcode

UFC Barcoded Contract System

The UFC system is an extension of the UTOU system into off-line settings, providing a mechanism whereby a written contract document can be created, executed, stored, and interpreted efficiently and predictably.

Barcode Search Engine Query Submission

Automatic data capture is used to scan a product for its RFID tag or bar-code number, a UPC or EPC number 5901. This information is submitted to the UET Company, and a search is then performed in the appropriate field of the appropriate database 5902 on the given identification number. These results are then returned to the user 5904 in the form of a hypertext document that includes links to listings for the given identified product.

Barcode Real Estate Listing System

A URLIT is encoded in barcode form, placed on a “For Sale” sign that is installed at a property, and then scanned by an interested party. The listing associated with the URLIT is then looked up for more information on the property.

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Barchrome License Plate

Chromocode Polychromatic Encoding System Chromocode™ Very-High-Density (VHD) Barcode Chromocode Ulra-High-Density (UHD) Barcode Chromocode Calibration Symbol Chromotif™ User-Generated Vocabularies, Symbologies Intracode Command Sequences Modifying / Processing Intended Content Barchrome Color-Enabled License Plate UET Barcode Real Estate Listing System Barcode / Auto ID Search Engine Query Submissions Orang-Otang Jango Wearable Barcode Scanner UFC Barcoded Contract System UMEM … Continue reading Automatic Identification | Data Capture | Barcodes | RFID


BarChrome Color-Enabled License Plate Matrix

Homeland Security Broadcasting System “Fingerprinted” Secure Paper User-Verifiable Bond Seal Safeguarded Against Piracy Bonded Marketplace for User-to-User Sales Transactions and Internet Auctions Secure Barcode BarChrome License Plate        

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Markup languages and tagging techniques Argument Markup Language Structured Data Common Law System, including Universal Judicial Opinion process, and Structured Law Markup Language (“Legal Markup Language”) Universal Advertisement Markup Language (UAML) PeopleChase database products and services PeopleChase™ Schmoozer™ Jatalla™ Search Engine Wicracy™ Political Party Platform System Musician Classifieds System See also: Financial Services Games … Continue reading Software | Databases | Markup Languages

U.S. Patent Publication 20070154876

Sunscroll Electronic Book Reading Device

Abstract | A study aid apparatus provides an academic outline that is arranged three dimensionally through the use of a number of moving parts. Several modules, each devoted to a separate category, are attached to the face of a base member so that the several different category headings can be seen simultaneously. Parts within a given module are manipulated to reveal subheadings, sub-subheadings, and so on. In this way, the invention provides study materials that mimic the workings of the human mind more accurately than do prior study materials, thereby enhancing a student’s learning experience and increasing the likelihood of effective recall. In particular, the invention keeps information “in perspective,” such that major concepts remain prominent at all times whereas minor details are suppressed until needed.